Come What May, Pt. 53

“They used to dress alike, and he’d wear her emblems on his clothes, as a sign of how he truly belonged to her, not his queen. I dunno, it’s kind of silly how I thought about how we’re kind of like that.â€? I blush, feeling a little silly comparing Oliver and I to a 16th century royal couple.

He pulls his black stovepipe slacks on. I pass him his black boots. He really is dressed exactly like me. “No, it’s not silly. It’s really rather sweet of you to say that.â€? He is silent for a minute. “Dream, do you think of us like that? Like, me belonging to you and you belonging to me?â€? I take his wide brimmed hat off of the dresser beside his bed and put it on his head. “In a way I do. I know that I technically belong to Peter, but Ollie, I really belong to you.â€? He takes my hand and brings it up to his face. “I could only daydream of a day where maybe, just maybe, you’ll totally belong to me. But, it’s risky, and I won’t push you to make that kind of decision until you’re ready.â€?

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