Come What May, Pt. 55

We are in a radio station in Brussels, Belgium, and the boys are doing an appearance at the country’s biggest radio station. We barely make it into the entrance, as there is another manic crowd outside with their screams and signs.

“I’m getting a bit scared for Dream personally,â€? Oliver says while we’re the radio station’s kitchen, eating someone’s bag of chips. “Why?â€? I ask him. Adam heads back into the refrigerator, grabbing a jar of pickles. No one is going to tell New Realism to get out of his or her snacks. Handing me a pickle, he says, “Because all those girls out there are jealous of you. They see you, and it’s automatically assumed that you’re one of our girlfriends,â€?

“Actually, because of the video, people probably will end up thinking that she’s Oliver’s girlfriend,â€? Will adds. Peter snickers. “Yeah, Ollie’s girl. Funnyâ€?, he says, a bit snidely. “Why… never mindâ€?, Oliver begins, and then stops himself.

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