Come What May, Pt. 56

Adam picks up a lock of my nearly waist length hair. “They’d go for your hair. You should cut it,â€? he sensibly suggests. “No,â€? Peter automatically answers for me. “I like Dream’s hair. She shouldn’t have to cut it just because people are jealous that she’s nabbed one of us. Come on, there are probably guys in America who are going to flip and get all jealous when they find out that we’re a couple because they’d rather be the ones getting a piece of Dream.”

I turn and raise an eyebrow at my boyfriend, a bit taken aback by his suddenly blunt manner. “Peter, what is your problem this morning?â€? I ask him in an irritated tone. He shrugs his shoulders. “It’s true,â€? he reasons. Will looks at his watch. “Shouldn’t we at least be heading for the booth by now, so we can get this over with?â€? Peter, Adam, and Will walk out of the kitchen, while Oliver and I lag behind for a moment. We smile at each other, and walk out of the kitchen hand in hand.

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