Come What May, Pt. 57

The guys all shake hands with the radio deejay and wait for the interview to begin. A few minutes into the interview, the question pops up. “Oliver, I see you’ve brought your girlfriend along. She is pretty. What is her name?â€? The guys all burst out laughing. “She’s Peter’s girl, Dream Farrellâ€? Oliver answers.

He looks back at me, and I smirk at him. I recognize his sly way of ‘correcting’ the deejay by saying that I’m Peter’s girlfriend…but not denying that I am his own girlfriend. “But didn’t I see you two walking around hand in hand a few minutes ago?Besides, you’re even dressed alike,â€? the deejay presses. Oliver blushes. “Yes, that’s because we are close. We walk hand in hand all of the time. As for our clothes…well, we have a similar taste when it comes to our wardrobes.â€?

“Yes, they have no interest in each other. She’s all mine,â€? Peter cuts in. “Well Peter, you’re fortunateâ€?, the deejay responds.

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