A Better Word

Andrew frequented the video store, but only when I was on duty. I alerted Todd Brimmings, store manager, to the fact. I was smitten, but this didn’t cloud my judgement. I feared Andrew was stalking me.

I was trying to open the door of my ‘88 Chevy when I felt someone watching me. I gripped my purse. That hard cover book in there wasn’t just for reading. Andrew walked out of the shadows as I swung wildly. “Control your temper,” he said coolly. I backed away toward the store. But Andrew was swift. “I’m not trying to hurt you!” He pleaded with me. I kept moving toward the building.

Abruptly, I stopped as I realized way his hand was bloody. A squirrel hung limply from his left fist. His eyes widened when he realized what I’d seen. “It isn’t what you think, Melinda.” Andrew said softly. I shook my head fiercely.
“What are you?”
“Melinda, I am a… vampire.” The word sounded harsh; ugly. There had to be a better word for the beautiful creature before me.

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