Come What May, Pt. 58

An hour later, we are at a studio, where the boys are doing a photo shoot. They all end up dressed in black suits. Peter looks great in his suit, since it matches his gorgeous dark features. Then again, he doesn’t need anyone to tell him this, since he’s standing in a full-length mirror, blowing kisses at his own reflection. “Thank God I was born this good lookingâ€?, he says, marveling at his mirror image. “And I have a gorgeous girlfriend to compliment me so wellâ€?, he says, pulling me over and kissing me. “Look at us. Don’t we look stunning together?â€? he asks me. “Yes, we doâ€?, I say a bit unenthusiastically. He walks off in Will’s direction, leaving me standing in the mirror.

Oliver suddenly comes up behind me, and he circles my torso with his arms and leans his head against mine. “You two are stunning…but we are perfectâ€?, he whispers in my ear before kissing my cheek. I smile. “Yes, we are perfect together.” I turn to look at him in his suit. “My god, you look handsome,â€? I say in mild shock.

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