Her eyes were gone. Most tought she was on drugs. They were wrong, the reason for her behavior was loneliness. The manner in which she solemly spoke as if each word were her last. The way she walked, slow, as if she was never in a hurry. The way she was never quick to answer or react to people, things, or her surroundings. Her heart was gone. The way she spoke with hate in her mouth. The way she crushed everyones dreams. The way she thrived off of others happiness shattering. Her morals were taken. The way she had sex without emotion or expression. The way any male of her liking was considered but then unconsidered at the same time. The way she misbehaved in manners even the most vulger could blush at. She was a wreck. The way she made herself feel all emotions in a moment. The way she harmed herself in ways only God would know. The way the music made her scream and shout.

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