Dead [continued]

She was not a “goth, emo, rocker, metal, satan, or any dark” cliched girl. They did not know she was this evil person. They saw her with her American Eagle shirts, basket-ball pants, and box braids as any other “normal” female. They saw her with her pink I-Pod filled with up beat HipHop and R&B and did not know she wrote the darkest of songs in her heart. They saw her in school getting good grades and participating as if not a thing was wrong, because to them there was not.
She had NO mother, since “mommy” was always out with her new boyfriend she had gotten 3 weeks after a divorce. She had NO father since he only knew how to show ONE emotion…anger which had been left imprinted on her skin and heart many times. NO friends could be considered because for her 14 years of age she had lived more than a 30 year old could handle, every and any imaginable thing had happened to her.
She was sickened by her luck and wondered what the fuck is going on? Sorry butterfly…you ARE alone…

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