Come What May, Pt. 59

Oliver looks dashing in his suit. He looks much more masculine than I’ve ever seen him look, and while I love his usual androgynous style, he does look really good this way.

“Not used to really seeing me look so manly, are you?â€? Oliver says, smiling. “To be honest with you, noâ€? I answer. “Yeah, well it’s nothing I’m making a habit of. This is really too normal for me. I like my skirts much better,â€? he laughs. I smile at him. He’s so quirky.

“Well, this is one of maybe…two occasions you’ll see me in a suit,” he says as he walks away from me. I’m confused as to what he means. “And what are those?” I ask. He just blows me a kiss, and says “Figure it out, Dreamy. Why would else would I wear a suit, unless for a photo session like this, or an occasion that I’ll really, really have to dress up for?”

My jaw drops as I figure out what he means. I run up to him, and whisper, “If you wear a really nice suit, I’ll wear a really nice dress.” I wink at him, and he winks back. “It’s a date then, Dreamy.”

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