Come What May, Pt. 60

There must be something in the air in Milan, because when we get there, everyone is in an exceptionally good mood. It’s warm for October, and it’s very sunny and bright when we arrive. We get followed back to the hotel by a few eager fans, but we manage to make a relatively quiet entrance into the city.

Since the concert isn’t until tomorrow, we have the day to ourselves. Peter and I go out to have a nice quiet lunch. He manages to go an entire hour before reaching into his pocket for a mirror to look at his stunning reflection. We go back to the hotel, and hang out with the guys in the hotel arcade. The boys do get a bit mobbed here, since there are so many teenagers here. Of course, Milan is a fashion capital, so Peter and I head back out to shop, and return with even more clothes, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, since between us two, we have more than everyone else combined. However, even though we are having a wonderful day, I miss Oliver, since I’ve spent the vast majority of it with Peter.

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