Come What May, Pt. 61

Peter is tired by 9pm tonight, and he takes his sleeping pills and goes to bed. I grab my bikini out of my suitcase, and I run down to Oliver’s room. Not finding him in his room, I cross the hall and knock on Adam’s door. Adam comes to the door and lets me in. I walk in, and I see Oliver sitting on the floor, with a Monopoly board in front of him. He smiles widely, and gets up to hug me. “I missed you today sweetie,â€? I whisper to him. “I missed you tooâ€?, he whispers back. Upon pulling back, he spots the bikini in my hand. “Of course it’s black. My girl. Going swimming?â€? he asks. “Yeah, and I wanted to go with youâ€?, I answer him. “Sounds like fun, but doesn’t it close in a few minutes?â€?

“Not if I bribe the pool guard, I’m sure.â€?
“Wicked girl. How can I say no?â€?
“Don’t. Come on. Adam, want to go swimming?â€?

Adam snickers. “No thanks. I’d rather avoid exercise at all costs.â€? Oliver waves goodbye to him and leaves the room with me. When we are inside of his room, he grabs me and kisses me.

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