Come What May, Pt. 62

“I’ve been waiting all day to kiss you, Dreamy. I didn’t think I would get to today,â€? Oliver says when we finally come up for air. I grin at him. “Come on, change into your trunks. I’ll go into the bathroom and change into my bikini.â€? Oliver narrows his eyes. “Why won’t you change in here with me?â€? he asks me, grinning.”Because we might not make it out of here. Just being honest,â€? I respond. He shrugs his shoulders. “I guess you’re right. As tempting as that sounds, you’d better change in there. Standing there fully clothed you’re enough temptation.”

I smile and go into the bathroom. I emerge a minute later, with my skimpy black bikini. Oliver whistles. He’s already in his trunks. “Beautiful, just beautifulâ€? he says, holding out a hand to me. I take his hand and we walk out of his room and down to the pool. The pool guard is a huge fan, and there is no need to bribe him. We end up with the pool to ourselves.

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