Dead [continued1]

Alone at night, she would talk to the only people she felt were not overwheleming, emotional, or overdramatic, males. They would chide her into romancing, convince her to be “free”, talk to her too sexually. Most were beyond her age but they found her wisdom to be extremely appealing. She tought it was all a joke. As usual she would hang up the phone or sign off her computer and get in bed. As she did everynight she would masturbate and laugh at all the stupid males in the world who thought they would be the ones to change her to make her a “woman” [for she was still a virgin], those who tought to make her their “queen” and live with her forever, and those that were so taken aback by her original and interesting contradicting beauty. If they only knew how ruined I am she would say. She finished climaxing only the way she could make herself feel, like rippiling senses of pleasure, the heat and moisture that made her smile, the only thing that she could still feel.

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