Come What May, Pt. 63

All of the blinds in front of the large glass windows are shut so that no one will see us in the pool. We splash about in the water innocently for a while. Then, the pool guard leaves us alone. I wade over to the side of the pool. Oliver towards me. When he reaches me, I immediately grab him and kiss him. “Dream… wow. I love it when you kiss me that way,â€? Oliver says, taken aback.

The smile fades from his face, replaced with a serious expression. “I’d hate to think about what Peter might do if he found out.” I pull myself out of the water and sit on the rim of the pool. “I know, I think about it often. It frightens me, to say the least. I mean, how would we even explain?”

Oliver lies back in the water and floats. I giggle. He looks like an angel lying in the water. “I don’t even know why I brought that up. Let’s forget that I mentioned it. Get back down here.” He rights himself in the water and extends his arms out to me.

I laugh and slide back into the water, into Oliver’s waiting arms.

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