Dead [continued2]

Out of all these males she spoke with, one was ACTUALLY appealing to her. He was too perfect, she felt, maybe too perfect to be imperfect like I am. He was 19 she was 14. They met. She instantly felt like a train hit her in a crash. But, being dead as she was, she did not show she had been impressed with attraction. SLUT . Sorry, I am a SLUT , she said as she did her normal teasing. She just met him and she was perched on his lap hands extending over her head hooked on his neck. He smiled…too wise for her. He knew her game, but she did not follow, she was too naive for him, no wonder she fell, he really was TOO MUCH . But at the moment she did not know thinking SHE was the pro. Her solid nipples thrusting out of her proud D cup chest, her perfect maneqered fingernails tickling his neck, her wide bottom pressuring his lap. VICTORY . Why are you hard she asked him? She reached over and gripped his erection with her hand, I didn’t do anything she said. Inside she laughed like she did at all of them, stupid males.

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