Simone Home

Sarah gave up on pulling on socks after ripping up the third pair with her toenail-claws, and settled for a pair of sandals. Properly attired, after cutting a hole in the sweatpants for her tail, she stepped out of the door and started up the street, hoping no one would notice her.

Simone lived only two blocks away, but every yard of it was a nightmare. Sarah was positive people were staring and pointing at her. It wasn’t fair! All she’d ever wanted to do was fit in. That was why she went to so many parties—it was what her friends did. Friends like Simone.

The door was unlocked and Sarah let herself in. Simone was lying upside-down on the sofa in the living room, feet propped on the back and head near the floor. When she heard Sarah come in, she got slowly to her feet and pushed a mass of tangled red hair out of her face. She blinked myopically at Sarah. “Uh…show me?”

Sarah pulled the sweatshirt off, revealing her furry body.

“Ooooh…” Simone was silent for a long moment. Then she asked, “Can I pet you?”

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