Come What May, Pt. 64

We are all in the hotel bar in Copenhagen, our drinks all provided by Adam. He’s decided to treat everyone to a drunken night only an hour or so after another highly successful show. We’re all seated at the table, with me on Peter’s lap. Peter is being especially amorous tonight, much more than he should be while we’re in public.

He whispers something indecent in my ear, and I giggle. I’m only a bit tipsy, while he is drunk. Will and Adam are drunk as well, with Will hitting on just about every pretty girl that happens to pass by. All of them are falling for it. Someone won’t be alone tonight, I think to myself. I catch his eye and wink at him as he writes one especially pretty girl’s room number on his hand. He smiles and winks back.

Oliver has had the same drink in front of him the entire time. He looks very disinterested and moody. “What’s wrong?â€? I mouth at him. “Leave it,â€? he responds shortly. I’m taken aback by Oliver’s response. He wasn’t like this earlier; what’s with him now?

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