Come What May, Pt. 65

Suddenly Oliver stands and walks towards the front lobby. Without hesitation, I get up, tell the guys I’ll be back, and follow him out. He walks out the hotel’s doors. I follow him out.

“Ollie! Where are you going?â€? I ask. “Right hereâ€? he says, stopping in front of the hotel. “I needed to get out of there. I wanted some fresh air.â€? I look up. The night sky is overcast, as if it will begin to rain soon. “Oliver, baby, come back inâ€?, I say, clasping his arm lightly. He pulls away from me. “Jesus, Oliver! What is your problem? Why are you acting all pissed at me?â€?

He sighs. “You and Peter. You’re all over him and he’s all over you. Maybe I don’t always feel like seeing it.â€? He looks at the sky. “God, I hate rain. I’m going back to my room. I want to be alone right now. You go back in there with your precious Peter.â€?

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