Come What May, Pt. 66

“Ollie, how can you sit there and get angry with me at how I act with my boyfriend? Remember, this is what you knew you were getting into with me. What am I supposed to do, sit there and be numb? Tell him to get his hands off of me? I cannot do that. He is still my boyfriend. There’s nothing that I can or should do to change that right now, especially while you guys are in the middle of a major tour. That wouldn’t be smart of me, would it? I mean, imagine that conversation. Me telling him to get off of me because I’d much rather be with you, and him storming off and getting on the first plane to London!â€?

The lines disappear from Oliver’s forehead. “You know Dream, you’re right. I’m sorry. I can’t expect anything different from you right now.â€? He walks up to me and runs a fingertip down the side of my face. “Besides, I couldn’t stay angry at you, my dear, with the way I feel about you.â€? He begins to walk away from me, in the direction of the doors. He turns back to me, a few feet away. “I love you.â€?

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