Dead [continued3]

Can I kiss you he asked her. No she said over and over again. He only asked four times. Her secret was she had never really kissed a MALE , just once when she was seven he was twelve, it was cute. He held her in a way no one ever had, sort of protecting her in his arms. No she tought men have no emotions when it comes to this, he has an erection there is no way his hold of me means anything more than sexual feeling. She was wrong. She kept teasing him sliding and fidgeting on his lap, tickiling his earlobe, running her finger on his chest. Are you wearing a thong or g-string he asked her. She knew…but yet, I dont know the difference she said you tell me. She thumbed her pants down a few inches, he swallowed hard. Thats a g-string he said with a grin. Wow, she tought is it really tempting for me to be so sexual, when will men ever change she tought. He grabbed her hard and sat her on him. She felt to giddy, her front, her wall it was slipping, she was drunk in his scent. His stupid stupid Burberry scent…

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