Come What May, Pt. 68

After we manage to get Peter back up to the room, I sit on my bed, out of breath. Peter is probably passed out for the night. I pull his jacket and shirt off of him, pull his shoes off, turn him over so that he’s lying on his stomach, and manage to get him under the covers. I then change out of my own dress into a short nightshirt, and I lay down beside him, attempting to go to sleep. But I can’t.

I sit up in bed, and begin to think. He loves me. He’s actually said he loves me. I’m still in disbelief. I look at the clock by the bed. It’s 1:18 in the morning.

I carefully slip out of the room, closing my door with only the slightest click. I can’t wait until sunrise. I have to see him now.

I knock on Oliver’s door, and he opens it a few seconds later. I can tell that he hasn’t been to sleep. I silently walk past him into his room, and sit on his bed. I look up at him, and say what I’ve wanted to say since the day he caught me and our eyes met.

“Oliver, I love you too.”

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