Dead [continued4]

The sexual tention was gone, they were just relaxing and having a great conversation. She enjoyed his company he put all her provocation aside and made time for an intellectual conversation. She was appaled, he was the only one to not pursue any type of activity with her he cut it off dead. It was time for mom to get home, too bad she tought goodbye she said sorry I am such a slut. Ill call you later he said. Okay. She picked up invisible mess, no one knew she was another OCD developer. Mom was home. Hi mom, hi daughter. Love you mom. Love you daughter. Slam. Her door was shut and locked. Well, she thought guess Ill go talk to people online. He talked to her told her she was beautiful, she was too smart, too young, too hurt, too sexual, too assertive, and sexist. He summed her up. Exact as she was he summed her up. She was in awe. Awe. It would be her undoing. But in her mind, in her game, she was winning. Shes the pro. She went to sleep, hugging her “stinky”. Her blanky she used since the day she was born.

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