Come What May, Pt. 69

Oliver lies back on his pillow. His face is flushed cherry red. He lies there for a minute, his breathing slowing down. I pull the bed covers over us, and lie against his chest.

“Dream, that was unbelievable,” he says, still sounding out of breath. I smile and kiss him. We both lie back and stare at the ceiling. Right now, the world is beautiful and everything is perfect. I could die in this moment and die happy.

Oliver breaks the silence. “Dream, remember the night I brought the girl back to my room?â€? “Yes. Why?â€? I ask. “Nothing happened between us. Like, we kissed a little, and then I just froze. So, we sat there and talked the entire night about how in love I am with you. I didn’t tell her that it was you, but I just really let it all out.â€? He turns my face up to his. “Dreamy, you’re my everything.That first day in London, when I walked in and saw you for the first time, I fell instantly for you. That second, I realized that I was in love with you, and that I had to have you as my own somehow.â€?

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