Dead [continued5]

Booboo, babe, pa, nena. The names they called each other. They taste bitter to her now, but then they were her trance. She had fallen passionately in love with him. They had talked for a year and since the day she met him she was done for. He knew it. He was too good. My butterfly was in love. They talked all the time now. She had just gotten back from a christmas trip to chicago. He missed her she did as well. Her hip long dark broen hair was gone. She had in place a Raven from Teen Titans haircut. She was out one night it was 12:10AM. He called. It was a surprise visit. Her and her two friends ran home. She was anticipating his visit. Girls, she said I think I am actually going to kiss him tonight she said, but no sex. She was a temptress. A natural born tease. NEVER giving into temptation. Always standing by her word not once did she ever trip over her own tounge. He arrived.Girls this is him. How old is he? He looks old. Wow. Don’t have sex. Is he sleeping over? Girls, i’ll call you in case of anything.

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