Molly, Robin Hood of Mars Episode II: Supercruel

Molly recognized the squad that appeared around her, swords and guns drawn, as “The Super Cruel”: The Space Lord of Mars’ personal guard.

A Red Martian Amazon stepped forward, wielding a heavy bladed bardiche and wearing a scant harness that stretched taut across her muscles. “You are under arrest by order of Saad the First…”

“The Space Lord sends his best psychopaths after poor ol’ me?” Molly said, notching an arrow. “I’m flattered.”

Boros fell to his knees in front of the Amazon. “I done what ye’ asked,” he pleaded. “Me wife an’ me baby girl; free them, I beg ye’!”

The Amazon scoffed. “Your wife and child will be cared for… as part of The Space Lord’s harem.” And with a quick thrust and twist, she sliced off Boros’ head.

Furious, Molly loosed the arrow. It passed through the Amazon’s lovely lips, erupting from the base of her skull. The Amazon fell and Molly prepared to fire again, only to be struck down by the four fists of a White Ape.

Above her, a man giggled. “Don’t eat her! He wants her alive!”

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