Dead [continued6]

She asked him if he ate…she wanted to cook for him. She was a delicious cook. No thanks he said, I just ate out with my pops. Pops. He was real important to him. They sat in the living room and talked she was happy. Too happy. She had gone from being death on legs to happiness on glory. They went to go lay in bed. They held hands. Their bodies did not touch. They talked for hours. The a/c turned on, the vent hit directly on the bed and had a way of freezing her from the inside out. Somehow he knew. She didn’t even have to say I’m cold. He grabbed her stinky blanketed them both and placed her in the crook in his side. They talked. He kissed her forehead and hands gentely. She was in an ecstacy. She kissed his mouth. He kissed her. Mouth shut. He knew the rules. She turned to him. He held her waist. She was holding his chest and neck. She was melting. Melting. She still feels this way about him. An interesting guy. Braces & tounge ring. Wonder what that kiss would feel like she thought. Braces. His “grill”.

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