Dead [continued7]

She kissed his soft lips. He kissed her back. This time, this time it was an adventure. She lingered tasting him. She was an expert in kissing. How she learned who knows. She had never even tried practicing before like she heard girls talk about. She gently bit his lips, slid her toungue slowly in and out, their mouths were dancing. She ventured more. She kissed his neck, his Burberry neck soaked in all it’s smell. She traveled slowly up to his ear, she whispered I love you and kissed it. She looked at him. His eyes were small, squinty with pleasure. But yet, none of there other places were touching. She kissed him more still with love. An hour later it turned to passion. She slid her tounge in deeper, he held her tighter, they sighed together, he tickeled the side of her neck he knew just her spot. The pressure kept building higher and higher. The room was freezing yet she was so hot inside. It was love. But now she was also burning with lust. Lust. The blankets? Gone they had each other to keep warm now.

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