Dead [continued8]

The kisses were so passionate. He knew just the moment he read her mind. Just when she tought I want to get closer to him he drew her in. Every inch of them was touching now. He kept kissing her and she him. She felt his strong arms and slid her hands down his back under his shirt. Pulling in even closer. He slid his hands to her mid-back she felt tingling all over. Breathless. Oh those butterflies she felt. She loved rollercoasters they were not intimidating to her NONE . But this ride, this ride was beyond those thrills. He told her she smelled so good, Victoria Secret Strawberries and Champaign. He was also drunk in her scent. She slid her hands on his chest feeling evry inch of him so close, he was refuge. She kissed his neck down, down, to the edge of his pants, she helped him slide them off. He eased her out of her shirt, she didnt notice he was so good. He untied her hair.He loved when her hair was loose. He kissed her shoulders, her collar, between her breasts. She kissed him up and down again & again.

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