Dead [continued9]

It was so good. So so good. His shirt came off somehow and now it was his big chest. She kissed it even more and pressed herself against it. He slipped of her shorts. Down they went lost in the somewhere of clothes. Hard kissing, hard breathing, tight holding. Boxers, thong, and bra. The only dividers to her pride. OH! But how she ached for him inside. By now he had an erection. She noticed when he pulled her in tightly and it warmed her thigh. She was wet. That thong was drenched in fluid stimulated by her sexual excitement. Thats so sexy he said. You just turn me on even more. Ughh he grunted. He slid off her barely there underwear. He kissed her from her belly button down to the top of her wetness. He asked her if anyone had ever ate her out. No she said. Do you want me too he asked while kissing her up and down. No. She was moused. Scared. Ms.Pro, Ms.Temptress, Ms.Tease could not handle the situation. Butterfly, tables do turn, my love. No? But I want to pleasure you. I know you will LOVE it. No…

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