Office Politics

It was unfortunate that Debbie, Second Manager of Office Services, hadn’t brought enough doughnuts for everyone. By the time Tony got to the box, there was nothing but crumbs left. Last time Tony brought in goodies for the office, he was sure to bring plenty for everyone, and now he was left with crumbs. It was time to make a call.

Cassandra’s phone rang. “Cassandra, accounting,” she said.

“It’s T. I need a hit, something clean but noticeable. I need to send a message that people need to be more…considerate.”

The arrangement was made and Cassandra redied herself. The accounting department was a hardcore clan of assasins, trained in the deadly arts of office warfare.

She gathered her pens full of poison ink and her push pin blow gun. They were just a back up though. The message she wanted to send to Debbie was more personal.

A special cupcake, laced with a deadly toxin, was left in her cubicle. Only once the cupcake was finished did she see the note at the bottom. “You’re dead, doughnut lady.”

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