Demon Summoning For Dummies

“Check this out,â€? she says, pulling a book out of her bag and throwing it on the table. “I got it off the internet.â€?

I read the title aloud, not quite believing the words coming out of my mouth. “A High Schooler’s Guide to Demon Summoning: A Quick Fix for Those Years of Woe.â€?

Kara grins at me. “Sounds promising, yeah?â€?

“And this is why nobody sits with us at lunch,â€? I tell her. “Now put that away before one of the nuns sees us and gives us detention.â€?

She waves me off and opens it to the table of contents. “See, look here. There’s an entire chapter on obtaining dance dates. Mr. Hair Toss over there won’t stand a chance.â€?

“This is twisted,â€? I say, putting up a text book as a barricade against stray eyes. Since I did still have hope of going on at least one date in high school, the last thing I needed was for the gossip mill to peg me as a member of a satanic cult. “It’ll never work.â€?

“Well if you’re so certain then I guess you have no problem trying it out, right?â€?

“I guess.”

I’m so going to Hell.

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