Dead [continued10]

I know your a virgin. I do not want to ruin that. No…it’s okay. You want to have sex. Yes she said. No he said as he slid his finger on her pulsating clit. I don’t have condoms. At this point he was over her playing inside her, kissing her, making her feel like only she could. He asked her if she had ever sucked. No she said I havent and will never give oral sex. He kissed her soft breasts and solid nipples making a trail down to her clit. Theres a gas station down the street she said. No baby he said. Ow, ow, ow, ow stop! She screamed he had slid his finger deep inside her, she was a virgin and it did hurt. He kissed her more. She was so breathless and he was so concentrated in pleasing her. She grabbed him his erection was giving off a little bit of juice. She rubbed it on her. Excited. God, he was the perfect guy. No sex? Wow. Her legs shook she felt liquid spill out of her, he licked it off. She was tired it was 4 something in the morning. He read her mind as he usually did. She changed her clothes…

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