February Inspiration

It was February, and I was sitting at my locker in a baggy, cozy sweatshirt with a notebook on my lap. “Ugh! Writer’s block sucks! If I could get my idea down, get it all down on paper...” But no.

And then, out of nowhere, he comes. My very quiet, anti-social locker neighbor. “Don’t worry. And don’t give up.”
Huh? I thought, though it inexplicably made me happy.
“It won’t be long,” he said.
“Till what?”
“Till you open your eyes!”

And he was off. So was my pencil across the paper. I couldn’t write fast enough! I had opened my eyes, and I saw clearly! The rain was gone! The sign, crystal clear in front of me.

I had to thank him, but oddly enough, our paths never crossed. I eventually let it go, but then, February 14th, I found a note in my locker.
You are loved.
Somehow, I just knew it had come from him.

Then, he showed up suddenly again, a smile across his face. My God, it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles!
“I can’t thank you enough!” I said
“You’re the inspiration!”

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