Dead [continued11]

She opened her bathroom door he looked in. Are you okay he asked? Yes she said, it just burns a little when I pee. I didnt hurt you right babe? No she said. She walked to him and hugged him really tight. He hugged her back tight. He was thinking what a sweet girl she was, nothing more. He had no feelings of love. Well, he did love her but like a sister. Who knows if he felt ashamed of his actions, or he couldn’t care less. He sat on her desk chair and signed on to IM his friends, he went to look at his saved pics, and his space online. She really didn’t care she was sitting on his lap holding him tight around his neck breathing him in. He had that effect on her. He made her stupid. Her senses were dumbed down to just feel his presence and nothing else. He told her he had to work the next day. He had to go. Why don’t you stay here with me, you can take a shower here before you go to work. Babe, I can’t my uniforms at home he said. He left. She was alone.That feeling she hated. Lonlieness. Her death, her death.

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