Dead [continued12]

How could he make her feel so happy? But yet when he was gone she was so sad. She layed in bed smelling the pillow he had layed his head on. Tears escaped her eyes. She never cried. NEVER . Her eyes would just let one tear at a time. Many people tought it was unique how tears would just drip out of one eye. But her facial expression never changed and she would continue doing whatever she was doing as if she couldnt feel the tears coming down. Teardrop. Tear. Perfect nickname for her. She had been named that when she was 11 and it stuck. She felt like dying. He didn’t call her the next day. Or the next. She wondered what she had done wrong. His birthday was soon. December 30th to be exact. They talked on wednesday she was happy. He spoke to her like they always did. Nothings wrong she thought. It was New Years, she spent it with her “sister”. The only female she could stand. They got tipsy of a huge bottle of wine. She kept calling him and sending him IM’s. Happy Birthday & New Years Baby! Silly butterfly.

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