Dead [continued13]

Her sister an her were gone, out of it. Cloth shorts, no bra, and loud. They walked around most of her town at 2:00AM for no reason. Singing laughing. They stopped at her homeboy’s house. He got her a christmas present. They ran back home, they were misbehaving, it was fun. She called him the next day. He answered they talked for a while. Then the rest is hard. Its black. Its death. He told her he had no time for her he just had time for work, school, his family, and his wrestling. That he didn’t want to get in a relationship. Her sister held her. But it was done. Her little sparks of happiness burned out. The next day she was alone. Lonely. She downed a bottle of Johnny boy whisky. Went to sleep alone. Thank God for school. School. It kept her from locking herself up in her dark and frozen room. Either way she was in her head, no reality. Just her toughts spinning around. January 15th. Mom was at work and had gone out to happy hour. She was hanging out with her upstairs neighbor and her neighbors friend…

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