Dead [continued14]

She had already started talking to a new guy but they were friends. She had no emotions for him. He was just a nice boy. Butterfly, you are your undoing. The three girls were hanging out, she got into some trouble with a group of people smoking weed in her community claiming to be “Crips”. She laughed inside. It’s florida. There is no such thing as “hard” gangs in florida. She was going to buy weed for the first time. She gave one of the girs the money and told them to bring her the weed. They came back. Stupid girls! They had been tricked with a baggy of grass. She was wise beyond her age she knew everything. She went back alone. Screaming, anger, rage. Some bitch got up. She didn’t care, her knuckles red from punching the granite bar. The young girls came in. She was ready to fuck someone up. It was blurry. See when she gets mad it gets blurry. Not much is remebered. But shes a killer. She can’t control herself. She walked outthe girls behind her. One screamed. They all reached the street…

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