Dead [continued15]

She was dialing his number, the new friend. He was a latinking. She told him what had happened. Five dollars he laughed I could give you that myself. It wasn’t about the money to her. She was about revenge. One of the girls was scared, she hung up. What happened she demanded. One of them has a gun and pulled it out on us. WHAT ! She screamed. She stomped her way back over to the pool. Where’s the little bitch with the gun she yelled out to them. They were worried. Where is that little bitch? She saw him run. She chased him. The girls were trying to hold her back. They couldnt she was too strong. She lost him tough because they held her back to long. She had it resolved to kill him. Solemnly they walked to the playground. The took their jackets off and layed on the platforms under the starlit sky. She pulled her shirt up, unbuttoned her pants. She was thinking about HIM . The one she loved. Two guys walked over. She ignored them. She played with her belly ring, she had just gotten it done the day before…

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