Dead [continued16]

She was high in her head. She layed there sliding her fingers in all the places his mouth had on her body. She slipped her hands under shirt holding her breasts. It was cold out, they kept her warm. The guys stared at her. She gave them no importance. The two girls started talking to them. They had some drinks, they all shared getting tipsy. She passed, she wasn’t a social drinker. She layed there so sexually exposed without embaressment. They apologized for the other peoples behavior they knew thme but they weren’t friends. Sure she tought in her head. These guys are just trying to get layed but the girls. She flipped over just as another guy walked into the playground. She layed on her tummy her pants pulled down to expose her underwear strings. Her shirt pulled up showing her bra. He ignored her. She was interested. No one ignored her. She was unavoidable. Everyone layed on some part of the playground staring at the stars. She eyed him, showing interest. Teasing him. Her game. Her talent. She felt alive…

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