Dead [continued17]

It was 12AM…one of the girls had to go home. She was left with her neighbor and the three guys. They all talked. They all focused on the other girl. She didn’t mind. She was busy thinking about HIM . She was about revenge. Stupid butterly, my love you are stupid. It was late and it started to rain. She took them to her impeccable home. Just to have company, she didn’t want to feel lonely. Mom wasn’t even planning on coming home. They sat on her bed on her sofa everywhere. She was as drugged and drunk as them without even having anything. She tried mothering them into stability because some of them were sick from all the drugs and alcohol. Mother. She was. She cared for anyone who she felt needed her. Since she didnt have someone to mother her she did it. The guy she had focused on was one of the most alert. She NEVER flirted. She did not have to. She would just ask directly. She asked him if he was staring at her breasts he said no. He was. She walked by her desk chair he was sitting on brushing his lap…

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