Dead [continued18]

She went to get water bottles for everyone from the kitchen. He followed her. You like frogs don’t you he said. Cute. He noticed that. He sat on the roman couch, she layed on the big sofa. He ignored her. She pulled her shirt up over her breasts ,unzipped her pants, and played with her belly ring. She tought of HIM as she carressed herself, eyes closed. Her nipples tingled, her body ached, she flushed over. She opened her eyes, he looked away. Too late. She had caught him. Her mommy called, she wasn’t sleeping out tonight she would be home sometime in the morning. She kicked everyone out. He asked her for her number, asked her if he could sleep over in case he couldnt get a ride to his house, she knew where he lived, far. She said maybe, thinking he would get a ride. The curtain open let the moonlight in, she stripped admiring her breasts and thighs, then put on pj’s. She layed in bed doing her nightly routine only this time with HIM on her mind. Tears wet her pillow she didnt feel them. There was a knock…

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