Dead [continued19]

The guy was at her window. She told him to go around, she opened the door. Whats wrong she asked. He couldnt get a ride home. She told him her mom was on her way home which was a lie. He said he would have to walk home and it was raining out. She felt bad so she let him in. She realized how underdressed she was for the occasion. Just a strap tee and undies. She felt him staring. She told him to sleep on the sofa but then tought better of it, that would be the last thing she would want her mom to walk into. She threw a pillow on the floor next to her bed and a blanket. Goodnight she said. She was in no mood to be sexy. He said I’m not sleeping on the floor and got into her bed. She felt uncomfortable. She told him sleep on the floor or leave. He laughed. Fine. They layed there, she fell asleep. She was dreaming of HIM he was holding her kissing her forehead. Her cell rang. Mom was going to be home in an hour. Go in my bathroom and sleep in there my moms coming she said. Mommy was home, she faked sleep…

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