Dead [continued20]

Her mom called out to her twice. She didn’t respond. She heard a door slam and lock. Mom was smelling so heavy of liquor it lingered in her room. He came out of her bathroom. Ugh. She had no intention of calling him out of there but yet he had. She found him attractive but not sexually. He slipped in next to her she tried to kick him out of bed. He held her tight. She asked him not to. They fell asleep. 4:30AM. He gripped her hip and drew her close cupping her breasts. She felt him pushing his erection into her underwear. She tought it was HIM . She was half awake half asleep. Her arms went around his neck she breathed in. She woke up it wasn’t HIM . Get of me she said. You like it he replied. No she says I tought you were someone else. She felt mad, she was angry, she tought revenge. Butterfly, revenge is disaster. She swallowed hard, her forehead wrinkled, distaste oh her face. He ran his hands all over her body. He pushed up against her hard. He slipped off his sweater. She didn’t move she was dead inside…

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