another scene from a horror flim

The Bathroom door slammed, the candle flickered out. Dusty franticly started digging at the bottom of the door.
Linda pulled the knob it was stuck. She heard a loud thud in the hallway, Dave!? She reached in the pocket of her jeans, pulling out the match book, she dropped it on the floor, as she felt for the matches, the bathroom lite up with candle light.
Linda gasped, pressing her back against the wall;
a woman was standing in front of the mirror.
Linda slid around the wall moving into the corner and took a deep breath, Rosewater she could smell it. The room was ice cold; her breath fogged as she tried to breath normally.

The woman was in her late twenty’s and dressed in 1920’s attire.
Linda watched silently, as the woman picked up a compact on the counter and powdered her face, checked her lipstick, fixed the vail on her hat and gave the fringe on her dress a shake, stepped back, smiled, then adjusted her dress. When she was finished, she walked over opened the door,stepped out and vanished.

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