Dead [continued21]

Dead. No emotion ran through her. Her body was there but she was not. He took her shirt off and slid his hands underneath her bra. He was doing some weird pulling thing on her nipples. She was somewhere else with HIM , the gentle kisses he layed on those breasts. His pants came down to his knees she wasn’t there. She was watching this out of her body. She still had not moved. He squeezed her pussy over and over again. She had a proud pussy it was thick, fat, the kind you can squeeze. He gripped her bottom and ran his erection on it. She had a nice big bottom. The kind you can bounce. She remebered when it was HIM who slowly caressed her bottom with kisses. Her underwear came off. She felt cold. Every inch of her was frozen. She was pale. He didn’t draw her in and cuddle like when she had been with HIM . No he was concerned for his own pleasure. She felt her ear get wet. She slapped him. That was disgusting. Get off me. He wouldn’t. She managed to push him off. She turned her back on him. Death overcame her…

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