Dead [continued22]

He stuck his finger in her pussy. She tried to pull it out she couldnt. He asked her if she wanted to fuck. No. Get off me she repeated. Do you know what a little bump and grind is? Ill show you. She was disgusted by his self expression. No she said she tried climbing out of bed. He picked her up and sat her on him. Pain. Wretched pain. He had penetrated her. She tried getting off she couldn’t he was too strong. She was screaming, she was bleeding, she was crying, she was broken, inside. But she did not know how to express emotions. He flipped over on top of her. She kept saying no over and over again not stopping her eyes were shut. She tried to push him off she couldn’t. She gave up, she was in too much pain. He was thrusting himself inside of her hard and deep. Cupping her breasts and pulling on them he tried kissing her she turned her face everytime. She hates those smiley face boxers. She hates men. She hated herself. He stops. Thank God. She curls into fetal position…

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