Dead [continued23]

Mommy? Moms at work. He ejaculates all over his sweater. She’s still in fetal position holding her blanky freezing cold. He asks her if he can go was his sweater then dry it. She doesn’t reply he goes out of her room to the machines. She runs out of bed and gets her ugliest sweats on and her biggest tee. She ties her hair in a bun. Her hair will never go loose again. She rips the sheets off. He walks in. Hey. Hey? Jesus Christ! She looks at him and says, leave. He says, my shirts drying. She pics up her room. Then sits in bed. They stare at each other in silence for a while. The dryer goes off. Do you have a bike I can borrow he asks. No. Okay, well see you. Yeah. Ill call you. Whatever, leave. This girl. She cried. She cried all the tears that had ever built up. She breaks everything she finds. She slams her head against the wall untill she blacks out. 2:00PM January 16th. It’s raining. She wakes up. Goes in her bathroom. She has a massive bruise on her forehead. She gets naked not looking in the mirror…

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