Dead [continued24]

She always looked in the mirror to admire herself. No, it’s just to impure now. She bathes herself in every inch possible. She comes out of the shower with her towel on she looks at her face. She has bags under her eyes, they are bloodshot, and somethings gone in her eyes. She dresses quickly. Underwear, sports bra, socks, jeans, red tee. She ties her hair in a bun. She cleans the house. It’s spotless, but she sees it as messy. She lays in bed. Sleeps untill her mom get’s home. From that point on all she ever did do in her spare time was sleep or go on the computer. She didn’t eat. Her mom didn’t notice. And when she did eat she would get sick so she would throw it all up. She no longer liked music she just wrote things in her book all day long. Her arms were cut with scratch marks, knife marks, razors. Her mom didn’t notice. She dressed like a male now. Her mom didn’t notice. Two of her closest friends stopped talking to her. Her grades all turned to F’s and D’s. She skipped school stayed home to sleep…

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