Dead [continued25]

Sleep was her escape from reality where she could be with HIM . Feel like everything was perfect. She was still talking to the latinking. He was nice and supportive. She only dared to tell him and him only what she was going through. She smoked pot with her “sister” friend. Such a great feeling. She drank Johnny Boy with her neighbors. She became known and respected in school. Kick ass girl dont mess with her. No one was her REAL friend. She lied, bad. It was her new addiction. She didnt want to be alone. SHe started calling the latinking more often. They settled on baby boy, baby girl. She didn’t mean any of it. It was just to make her feel like she was still cared for by someone. She went wild, out of control party girl. Rumors of her and the guy spread everywhere. She didn’t care. As long as she knew the truth everyone else could believe a lie. She started talking to HIM again. He had a girlfriend. She cried. No time for her but time for the new girlfriend. Did he not know how much he had led her to ruin.

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