a knock at the door

Dusty bolted from the room,an ran down the stairs.
Dave lay in front of the door, blood rushing from his forehead. Dave,
Dave, she shook him, what happened? Dave sat up and touch his head, I’m bleeding, I, I tripped over something.
She glanced at the floor there was nothing there.
Linda found the firstaid kit and bandaged his head.
Dave ask, well, what did you want?
Oh, there’s a dead animal, rat maybe, in the bath, then the door was stuck.
OH! We’ll call an exterminator, I’ll take a look at that door.
She didn’t know if she should tell him what happened just yet.
Is that the door? Dusty started to bark, jumping on the door. Linda went to asnwer it, Yeah, now you want to be a watch dog.
Hello. Aw, the wife sent me over to check, (Dave walked up behind her) but I see that; what happened to you? Oh, I tripped over box, in the dark. (lightening blinded them) Looks like the lights want be back on til tomorrow, (peeking around them, looking up the stairs ) well just yell if you need anything.

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